06 Febbraio 2023
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Wet blue, leather raw and semi-finished

Leather raw

pellame grezzo
We treat European raw leather (France, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, England), Eastern Europe, Australia (100% State Victoria), South America.

This allows us to have our production always with the same tanning wet blue.

Wet blue leather

pelli wb
Cow’s wet blue leather, calfskin both full thickness and split and selected as our clients require.
Wet white leather
pelli wet white
On request we can also tanne free crome or free metal.

Wet blue half leather

mezze pelli wb
Half calves split and selected for the items that our clients ask us (leather goods, footwear, lining, etc.).

Whole split leather wet blue

croste intere wb
We select the whole crusts by quality, size and weight.

Double butt split wet blue

gropponi crosta wet blue
We select thickness, size, quality and origin.

Shoulders split wet blue

spalle crosta wb
Shoulders split deriveted from trimming whole split leather wet blue, selected in thickness 0,9+ and 1,3+.

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